Each year, the world-wide budget, spent on advertising exceeds 500 billion dollars.

UN study estimates that only 10% of that amount would be necessary to reduce world hunger by half.

We don't need annoying, unhelpful ads.

Let's put that advertising money to good use.

Visit sites that repay

Platform for gaining sponsorship from Companies for Nonprofits

Socially Responsible Advertising
Service is free.

How we are changing the status quo

How whenvisited.com changes the way companies are planning marketing budget

What would happen if a part of companies' marketing budgets were designed for responsible donating?
Commerce Sponsors need a new reason to donate to nonprofits.

Let's switch priorities!

How it works

How whenvisited works in short animation

WhenVisited Foundation aims to act as a Fundraiser and serves as an Advertising* tool at the same time. *It encourages users to make visits, thus boosting traffic and market recognition.

  1. Every time User visits page of Advertiser, the Nonprofit Organization receives real money. Any extra Gifts are collected under User's account.
  2. Advertiser defines the place or site to be visited. Makes payments to Nonprofit's account, uploads Gifts and watches his number of visits grows.
  3. Nonprofit Organization registers the Cause and shoutcasts to the world.

Service is free. WhenVisited does not take any commissions for donations.

What you get


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People of the Internet (and good will). Give and take.

  • you get coupons & rewards
  • your activity supports charity causes
  • you choose where your attention goes
  • advertiser does not see your contact data

For sponsors

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Commerce sites worthy of the attention

  • new marketing channel
  • coupons distribution channel
  • consciously chosen by user, never adblocked
  • Socially Responsible Advertising
  • PR campaigns tool


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  • new fundraising channel
  • better recognition
  • rise of awareness
  • thank back to donors

Who we are

Marcin Stepien

founder & developer

Entrepreneur. Software engineer. Krakow startup scene enthusiast.

Karolina Stepien

web designer

Designer. Psychologist. Front-end developer, anything-related-to-web-design-maniac.

Marcin Krasnowolski

technology editor

Freelance journalist, Asian film expert. Interested in old movies and new technologies.

Paul Klipp

design ethnographer

Agile activist & Scrum coacher. Anthropologist. Marathonist. TEDx and ACE! Conference organizer.

Aneta Blachewicz


Social activist. Effective Altruism Krakow co-founder.