How to connect Cause with crowdfunding page or payment gateway

By Aneta Błachewicz & Marcin Stępień 2016-05-25

Whenvisited helps to find sponsors for your social project. But what if you could synchronise it with external platforms dedicated especially to fundraising campaigns?

Online crowdfunding became a very powerful tool in the XXIst century. Either young innovators use online fundraising in a case of collecting money for they original projects or non-governmental organisations while searching for sponsors for their Causes. The most common crowdfunding platforms are such websites as Care2ServicesCrowdriseGlobal Giving, IndieGoGo and Just Giving.

Moreover, according to NGOtech report, 62% of donors prefer to give online! That is why you should always consider directing donors to your online payment gateway.

Consequently, registering Cause via Whenvisited and implementing a link to an external website may only double a chance to find a sponsor. Its' very easy and this is how you do it: during the registration of your Cause on, paste the link into a field "Payment site" leading to your external crowdfunding site where you collect a money for your project. Optionally you may point out your official NGO's donation website with a payment gateway like PayPal.

Inform your backers about traffic reward from Whenvisited. Furthermore, share information about your Cause, put banner on your website, post on social media, etc. With such activities, you increase your chance to find a backer.