How to turn food and clothes into online traffic?

By Aneta Błachewicz 2016-05-11

It may sound impossible or improbable, but it's true. At least in the case of Whenvisited! Each sponsor who decides to support NGO with in-kind donations or services can boost traffic to his or her website.

Perhaps you are a farmer whose crops will be plentiful this year. Or the owner of a clothing company whose spring collection is not sold in its entirety? If this is your case, as a registered sponsor on you can offer your allowances for any NGO, which is also a  member of Once you do this, we run a special campaign "visit-to-donate" which will be generating more traffic to your website.

Registration itself is peace of cake! Register here: and contact the organisation you'd like to support with your food or clothes. After both you and the organisation agree details, prepare your sponsorship proposal, send it to moderation and contact us via email: Later on we will start campaign for your online business.

For more details about in-kind donations and services, go here.

 Turning food and clothes into online traffic was never easier!