Internet of Things (IoT) & the future of fundraising

By Aneta Błachewicz 2016-07-21

IoT of thing. For some - a hope for a brighter days of fundraising, for others - unrealistic hopes and voice of a far reality. What the IoT is and how it will impact the future of charity and fundraising?

The Internet of Things (or the IoT for short) is a term for various technologies that characterizes dozens of ways to connect the physical objects to the internet. This enables the personalization of each of these things. Furthermore, each of such objects may become smart and context-aware. One of other characteristics of things connected to IoT is also a data collection.

It is estimated that by 2020, billions of things will be connected to the internet. Cars, roads, bus stops, elevators, private apartments... just to name a few. It seems that some science-fiction prophecies might become true and in the near future, everything will slowly change. The most important thing in the case of fundraising, charities and sponsors is that if it turns out to be true, they will completely transform. It is because IoT would change not only the daily life of the inhabitants of this planet, all the services they use but also the way in which donors shall support the charity.

In the very beginning of this month, South Korea launched the very first commercialised and affordable network which allows its users to communicate within it by using connected devices and covers 99% of the country. Further investment of SK Telecom, up to 100 billion won, points out that company will develop the IoT infrastructure. Till now, apart from Asia, similar technology can be found in Netherlands which has it's own IoT network. Sooner or later, the rest of the world will join these two countries in a new IoT races.

So, what are the possibilities of the IoT? Only the imagination is the limit. Till now, IoT devices' users can i.e. monitor their pets or health (Sidely), find a lost smartphones or inform the owners about the need of refilling the printer or fridge. We can only guess what could be possible in case of fundraising and charity. One thing is for sure and it's a great possibility of donating wherever you are and whatever you use. It could be sponsoring the urgent causes via an application on your refrigerator, automobile, smart TV set, smartwatch  etc. Any mobile device could be used in the process of donation. Also, public spaces could become a field for creative nonprofit organisations to advert their causes and fundraising. There are dozens of possibilities and probably will have grown and become more complicated and more advanced in the further years.

Although,  there is a dark part of the Internet of Things. The biggest obstacle is the security of information within. It's hard to imagine for admins and specialist how to protect such a vast amount of delations . The leak of data, stolen passwords, and money - these are only some of problems which will surely appear. To end positively, it seems that there are more benefits than disadvantages and soon all of the whole world will have the opportunity to try them as Facebook planning to provide the internet in the most remote places of the world and those with the extreme weather conditions. And maybe platform will become one of the mediator between sponsors and charities? Only time will show.

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