Places: a new way of "visits-that-repay"

By Aneta Błachewicz 2016-08-24

Since the very beginnings of Whenvisited Foundation, under whose wings has being formed and developed, advertisement by visiting sponsors websites is a way to help non-governmental organisations and Causes. From now we'll be expanding and developing our mission by visiting events and places. We uncover the details of our new concept of "visits-that-repay", this time also in the form of places and events happening in a real world!

Various places to be visited are both random, temporary events and venues which already exist on a map of Kraków. Visiting them,  confirmed by i.e. photo or read QR code, helps NGOs and their Causes registered via platform in their goals realization. We also dedicated a special section on a website for all previous sponsors so they could get a new channel of promotion. 

The first edition of our new campaign took place during the Pixel Heaven Festival organized in Warsaw on June the 3rd-5th. The participants of this event who arrived at the biggest retro gaming festival in Poland, helped children with autism by posting photos of the event on Twitter or in the comments here and by sharing them with @Whenvisited tag.

The next edition of "visits-that-repay" took place in Krakow during the NGO Holiday 2016 in Kraków (June the 19th). Daredevils who came to the event took part in our urban version of paperchase game. They were looking for tidbits about NGOs and donors from around the world by using Google Goggles app. They were hidden in random places in Jordan Park in the form of QR codes. Those of participants who found all of  the 5 tidbits, took part in the competition where prizes were drawn.

At last but not least, all sponsors gain the attentions as visiting their websites also is a part of our new concept which makes it even more payable. Follow this link to find out the places and sponsors, who took a part in our "visit-to-donate" campaigns.

Get ready for more surprising places and help NGOs and their Causes by visit-to-donate campaigns, events, and venues!

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