WhenVisited: Ethical Way to Win with AdBlock?

By Marcin Stępień 2016-03-14

What would happen if a part of companies' marketing budgets were designed for responsible donating? How could the social economy benefit from such a change? Fundraisers need a new tool to cooperate with Commerce Sponsors. Advertisers need a new solution for promotion when ad blockers are on the rise.
In a world of AdBlock and high competitiveness in business, Whenvisited is the first affiliate network that aims to provide a 'win-win-win' situation for advertisers, NGO's and internet users. A Commerce Sponsor benefits from active membership by showing up as Responsible Advertiser. Any donation given to a Cause enables communities to visit and learn a Sponsor's Message.Backed by Whenvisited Foundation, Whenvi.com is available for free for Sponsors and NGOs.See Causes promoting Sponsors: www.whenvi.com/causes/See how NGO registered on Whenvisited, Urunji Child Care, benefits and is fundraising at www.urunjichildcare.org/about-us/urunji-blog/342-whenvisited.html