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Dominican Republic

Goal: DOP23,000.00 

Dominican Republic


About Us
Is a non-profit institution dedicated to stimulating learning, cultural strengthening and the integral development of children and young people living in the Bateyes and marginalized communities of the Dominican Republic. We strive for social inclusion and offer tools for each child to be empowered and to overcome poverty levels.-l,

The Bateyes represent the most impoverished and isolated communities of the Dominican Republic. They are predominantly inhabited by Dominicans and Haitians who work in cane plantations and / or trades for the owners of these. These remote places are characterized by the scarcity of basic services such as electricity, hygiene, sanitation, etc.

Our activities are mainly aimed at children, we assist them in the learning process, valuing their individual capacities. We work to strengthen their effectivities, values, self-esteem and their identities as individuals, providing them with basic opportunities, the same ones that every child should have despite their social and economic status.
We ensure that children develop the necessary strengths to deal with the unfavorable environment in which they live, to build a successful life project and to overcome the levels of social and economic exclusion they suffer.

Children & Youth
Environment & Sustainability
Human Rights & Equality
Public Participation & Engagement

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