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Measure you Personal Value in 60 seconds

There's more to life than our wealth and financial value. What about the value of what we do for our family, volunteering in the community, and for society? That's our Personal Value and we can measure it.

We want to provide the PV of 1 million people for free, including 100,000 students.

The campaign is backed by celebrities like actress Sharon Stone, former First Lady Cherie Blair, footballer Gianluigi Buffon, broadcaster Richard Dimbleby, politician Peter Hain, ex police chief Sir Hugh Orde, etc. The Desmond Tutu Foundation UK will receive 20% of all monies raised.

PV is the latest metric from the academic Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance ( based in the UK and implemented by it's trading arm Seratio ( - the world leader in the measurement of value. We have measured UK£ 2.7 trillion worth of organisational value since 2011 using algorithms implemented in Software-as-a-Service platforms. Other metrics include Freedom (modern slavery), Health & Wellbeing, Ethical Leadership, Family Value, Intellectual Capital, etc.

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