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Whenvisited Foundation is a fundraising initiative that encourages site owners to donate to non-profit organizations and reward Internet users for their support.
Yes, we believe you should. Our idea concerns you as well, no matter if you’re a regular Internet user, a member of a non-profit organization or an entrepreneur.
With Whenvisited Non-governmental Organization can attract sponsors to support their projects. For every donation NGO thanks sponsors back with NGOs community attention. Every visit of ngo follower on registered sponsors web page is valued (e.g. 0.4€) until sum of visits reach donation value. Visitors get special coupons for services and products. Site owners gain new, conscious customers. We made sure the situation is “win-win-win” for everybody.
Go to and press “Log in” to register yourself, your organization or your sponsor profile.
If you’d like to send us feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your thoughts anytime by sending email on

Site owners, Donors, Sponsors

Whenvisited gives you an opportunity to promote your brand as socially responsible and provides you with a stream of users. Also, if you treat the users with special offers they will likely return to become your loyal customers. Thus Whenvisited works as sophisticated PR tool and helps you to save on advertisement costs.
No. You can register as a Sponsor, donate and promote your site as a private person.
Whenvisited role is to provide technical infrastructure to prove that donations are followed by real visits. Whenvisited count this visits by online widgets and mobile applications, configurable by Donor (with settings like duration of visit, visit uniquness etc).
First choose a cause you want to donate to. Next, click "register donation" button and follow instructions. Contact non-profit organziation to agree details of sponsorship if necessary. After both sides agreed details, simply donate using your own bank account with the keyword: “Whenvisited” in the transfer title.
Yes. Just agree the worth of your work or service with beneficiary.
Tax deductibility depends on your country law. It is up to you as a donor to deduct the donations.

Non-profits related

Whenvisited does not take commission. All the donation goes from donors directly to non-profit organization.
No. There is absolutely no fee for nonprofits to sign up and use Whenvisited platform.
Describe your project. Show its social legitimacy. Add video and photos. Share it, post it on you website, tell your community, ask them to spread the world. Use link for direct visits (you will find it on your Cause) at your emali footer, use your offline channels.

Whenvisited is open to all nonprofits that meet eligibility criteria for their national law.

    • To be eligible for the Whenvisited programme, organisations must:
    • Hold current and valid charity status, as determined by your country; please see your country’s charity status definition for your country.
    • Acknowledge and agree to the application's required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
    • Please note that the following organisations are not eligible for Whenvisited:
    • Governmental entities
    • Hospitals and medical groups
    • Political organisations
    Yes, to get access to fundraising process every NGO registered at Whenvisited has to:
  • put information about participation in Whenvisited on its own site
  • put at least one of banners from how to help site. Banner should be paced on visible area of NGOs site (footer or navigation column)

by registering on you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any content that you post on or in connection with Whenvisited

Web user related

Because you gain twice. Firstly, you support the non-profit organizations. When you visit the webpage promoted on Whenvisited the money are transferred from the page owner to the selected non-profit. Secondly, when you visit the webpage you get the coupons and special offers from the page owner so you can use the services and buy products with discounts.
Yes. You can choose and visit sponsors in favour of your favourite charity cause.

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