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Karosta Kids

Latvia, Liepaja

Karosta Kids is an organization where you can easily find talented kids with bad familiar backgrounds.

Our Youth Center, recently elected one of the best organizations in Liepaja, we work everyday in order to renew hope and transform lives. Our dream is to become a platform to families, kids and youth at risk from Karosta, in order to help them break the cycle of poverty, social discrimination and lack of education.

We are big supporters of 5 values: intercultural conection, friendship, life skills, education and creativity. We believe that youth are not only our future, but also our present and that they will pass forward what once was given to them when they most needed it: support, inspiration, faith, and a chance to be creative instead of criminal.

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Karosta Kids
Turaidas 4-1N
Liepaja, LV-3414

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