Rex Dog Shelter | Non-profit organization

Rex Dog Shelter Foundation

Hungary, Budapest

The mission of our foundation is the following: ensure the harmony between humans and animals living together; teaching the responsibility of owning a pet; decreasing the number of abandoned animals and stopping the suffering of animals. Our daily job is to maintain a civilized animal welfare service via our public office, animal adoption center and our animal ambulance service. Our site is a multifunctional establishment – the Budapest Animal and Nature Reserve Culture Park – aka Animal Island – that serves multiple purposes: better familiarization with the animal world, proper animal owning culture and the popularization of environment friendly attitude.

Registration number
01 PK 009624/1992/24
Environment & Sustainability
Animal Welfare


Rex Dog Shelter Foundation
Óceánárok u. 33.
Budapest, 1048

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HU51 1040 2283 2280 2398 0000 0000